The DisUnited State Of Canada-Documentary

  • kayrod

    The poll doesn’t work on a iPad

    • Chris Glassford

      The poll has been taken down.

      • Keith McDowell

        Great I hope you did squat. I’m Canadian first, not a BCer or an Albertan or Quebeker. Canadian.

        • scbritton

          Then, Keith, you clearly don’t understand the underlying differences that exist between east and west. You don’t understand the different heritage, the different outlook on life, and the different approach we have.

          We have been desperately trying to fix the problem for over a century now, to no avail. The Liberals just don’t listen to us, because, to use the words of one of their own senators and campaign strategists, “screw the west, we’ll take the rest!”

          And eastern Canada keeps voting for them – why? Because the Liberals continue to siphon money out of the west and spend it on their pet projects in the east.

          And that, sir, is the reality that you either fail to undertand, or are wilfully blind to.

          Canada. Does. Not. Work. Period.

          • Dean

            I concur. It’s sad, but Canada is not working. Where did government by the people (kinda still in place except for unequal representation) for the people (that appears to be a thing of the past), go?

  • Orion Buttigieg

    Good documentary and captures some great sentiment in Western Canada, at least with AB and SK. A few challenges with it though is that it takes quite a shot at Quebec and the nonsense we see is more to do with their politicians than people. Ontario is also becoming a financial basket case but still sits as a power broker. While I fundamentally agree they’re not the only culprits in the federal racketeering. While there’s certainly a political unfairness which translates into huge dollars flowing to Quebec, PEI is actually the greatest recipient of transfer payments per capita and the Maritime – God love them – have shown they have no taste for less welfare (see ridiculous EI rules as one example).

    Also, I didn’t like the connotation of Westerners being heavily into Christianity. I’m totally for separation – mostly economic – but I’m a libertarian and stand for less government along with a live and let live. I think many would fall into this category whether they realize it or not.

    Anyhow good job … we need the ndp out.