About Us

Alberta Independence Movement

On Tuesday November  2015, a few minutes after 9am the first words on the path to Albertas independence were uttered.

“Lets get this party started.”

Within the week, focused on two principles;

  1. Alberta must go first and,
  2. Leave your ego at the door

a founding core group of dedicated and skilled individuals amalgamated their talents and skills to drive our agenda.

They are:


Chris Glassford


Chris, a self employed business person, accepted the task of tackling to date, one of the most daunting projects. To work on the creation of a website that would bring together all members of all groups found on Facebook promoting Alberta independence.



Todd Buhmiller


Within the week, another valuable core member was embraced. Todd is the successful owner of Widescreen Media. Immediately, Todd and Chris pooled their time and talents with Todd bringing additional facets of multimedia promotion to further champion our agenda.



Rick Hemmingson


Rick was another valuable attribute to the team with his legal expertise and political reach. Moreover, Rick continues to ensure that information distributed by AIM remains factual and accurate.



Nick Liu


The most recent addition and valuable member is Nick. An insightful and prolific writer, Nick also works closely with Chris and Todd utilizing his software engineering experience.



Larry Smith 


Larry, now with a home in Bogota , Colombia has been a motivational speaker and sales trainer in Canada as well as the USA. Most recently, he was working on a project with the Canadian and Colombian Governments.



There are several other key members and contributors who regrettably must maintain anonymity. A great desire among the group is that one day, every person will know them as well.