Welcome to the Alberta Independence Movement…


Welcome new members!

The Alberta Independence Movement (AIM) is a focused group of determined individuals comprised of political strategist(s), media expert(s), fund raisers, Lawyer(s), Accountant(s) and others, striving to change course and secure a better future for Alberta. We do not see an acceptable future within Confederation. We believe that Alberta’s relationship (and the entire west for that matter) with eastern Canada is dysfunctional beyond repair.

The secession of Alberta has become a necessity to preserve our security, our freedom and our livelihoods. This can only be accomplished through our independence.

Each member of our steering committee brings a wealth of specialized experience and abides by our common commitment – the Independence of Alberta as a sovereign entity. Egos are left at the door.

This is a grassroots movement and is operating as a bottom up party not a top down organization. We believe our strength is from our policies and our vision of a common sense approach to governing. AIM recognizes the challenges that Alberta is facing today and into the future at home and abroad.

Our direction, our policies and our platform development are being refined to better reflect the attitudes and preferences of our fellow Albertans. Our vision for Alberta is one of prosperity, freedom, and fair/ethical taxation and governance for all, thereby ensuring we have the financial stability and wherewithal to flourish and grow for a much stronger and independent Alberta, for us and our families into the future.

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions on any of the posts you may see here. All we ask in return is that you do so with respect. Everyone who shares our common vision, or remains open minded about the issues, is welcome here.

Welcome aboard,

The AIM Team