Core Principles

The Alberta Independence Movement subscribes to the following core principles and will be guided by them in developing policy:


1. All citizens are equal before the law and entitled to the means to effectively exercise their fundamental human rights.

2. Elected representatives and bureaucrats are servants of the people.

3. Money raised by taxation belongs to the people, not the government. It is collected in trust to be spent prudently in accordance with the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

4. All citizens have the right to full and timely disclosure of all expenditures of public funds.

5. It is not the purpose of government to run citizens’ lives. Therefore, government should be no bigger than required to provide reasonable safety, core services, infrastructure and secure borders.

6. Immigration should be designed to promote and protect the interests of Albertans.

7. Citizens have the right to own and enjoy private property free from unnecessary interference and regulation from government.

8. The express fundamental freedoms in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms will be adopted, as written, and then immediately subject to study, debate and democratic process where amendments appear warranted.

9. Assistance for the disabled, disadvantaged, mentally ill and the weak is a collective responsibility and direct, local delivery of services should be encouraged.

10. Alberta will co-operate with Canada and with other Provinces but will not suffer bias, bigotry or abuse no matter how it is packaged.

11. Health care must be about timely, affordable, high-quality health care and not about union interests, public service interests, nor promotion of any ideology or political agenda.

12. Families are the foundation of a healthy and free society. Government is not family.

13. Alberta’s western heritage should be preserved and celebrated.

14. Unelected Judges will interpret and apply the law and refrain from creating new law.

15. Foreign interests should not fund nor lobby for any domestic political party or agenda.

16. There will be no taxpayer-funded media. Full freedom of the press will be protected.