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Welcome new members!

The Alberta Independence Movement (AIM) is a focused group of determined individuals comprised of political strategist(s), media expert(s), fund raisers, Lawyer(s), Accountant(s) and others, striving to change course and secure a better future for Alberta. We do not see an acceptable future within Confederation. We believe that Alberta’s relationship (and the entire west for that matter) with eastern Canada is dysfunctional beyond repair.

The secession of Alberta has become a necessity to preserve our security, our freedom and our livelihoods. This can only be accomplished through our independence.

Each member of our steering committee brings a wealth of specialized experience and abides by our common commitment – the Independence of Alberta as a sovereign entity. Egos are left at the door.

This is a grassroots movement and is operating as a bottom up party not a top down organization. We believe our strength is from our policies and our vision of a common sense approach to governing. AIM recognizes the challenges that Alberta is facing today and into the future at home and abroad.

Our direction, our policies and our platform development are being refined to better reflect the attitudes and preferences of our fellow Albertans. Our vision for Alberta is one of prosperity, freedom, and fair/ethical taxation and governance for all, thereby ensuring we have the financial stability and wherewithal to flourish and grow for a much stronger and independent Alberta, for us and our families into the future.

Please feel free to make comments or suggestions on any of the posts you may see here. All we ask in return is that you do so with respect. Everyone who shares our common vision, or remains open minded about the issues, is welcome here.

Welcome aboard,

The AIM Team

  • Amma222

    I just listened to the news of Trans Canada laying off more, plus the stampede. I know some of it is low oil price, however, the investment climate that has been created by the NDP in my opinion is more to blame. That and Trudeau being elected. I truly hope that we can get this separation going. With that I have no doubt that Albertans will bring this province back. We have always been a gritty bunch.

    • cglassford

      Without a doubt there are many of us who feel the same way! The more support we we garner, the better! I also agree with your comment of Albertans bringing this province back, that is after all, our AIM!

    • Guy Lefebvre

      Amma222, Separation would also mean scrapping the NDP as well. I see a very tough job ahead of our goal. I’m sure both political parties, Provincial NDP and Federal liberals will do their damndest to kill our movement. So how far are we prepared to go? short of bloodshed?

      • Chris Glassford

        I don’t think anybody doubts the issues that lie ahead for us concerning the NDP and the fed libs. At this point, its the confidence of the voters and the people that matter that will make the difference. Luckily we still live in a democracy where we can be voted in by the people. As it stands, the best we can hope for is baby steps in garnering support for this as we move forward. Hopefully by the next election we will have enough support to gain us some seats.

        • Guy Lefebvre

          God Bless you and may God give us the power to govern ourselves.

          • Chris Davis

            Amen Brother!

  • Guy Lefebvre

    I’m hearing on the Alberta outdoorsman website that the suicide rate in Alberta has spiked Here are the statistics:

    From January to June 2014, there were 252 suicides in Alberta.

    During the same period this year, there were 327.

    If the trend continues, Alberta could be on track for 654 suicides this year.

    In an average year, there are 500, according to the Centre for Suicide Prevention.
    this info was gleaned from the CBC from what I understand.

    • Chris Glassford

      Those stats are showing up everywhere Guy. It’s a sad state of affairs really, because if things continue this way, those future figures won’t just be projections.

      • yoshii47

        Where do I sign up..there is nothing on the website to direct a person to sign up

        • Chris Glassford

          Join our Facebook group for now. You can find the link on the homepage, just click on the Facebook icon. Become a member there for now.

          • MosheAkiva

            I found it, too. Thanx.

  • Guy Lefebvre

    Dear Mrs. Rona Ambrose,

    I’m a retired Canadian soldier. I served from april 11th 1974 to Dec 1996 combined regular forces and reserve armoured corps.

    Ma’am, I just listened to Ezra Levant who gave a pretty disparaging report on what Trudeau is doing to two Canadian bases in Quebec and 5 bases in Ontario with reference to housing Syrian Muslim refugees, the cost of this disaster is astounding 46 million for Quebec for just six months of operation and about double that for the five bases in Ontario.

    We have thousands of homeless brothers and sisters who fought and are now in dire need of help. Money that by all rights should be given to help our vets is being squandered away on Muslim refugees, Housing, security, medications, prayer rugs, prayer centers… the list goes on. All at taxpayers expense..

    It’s no wonder that there is a swelling of separatist ranks in the grass roots in the west. Are you aware of this issue and if so, why are you not doing anything about this? I do not accept this from elected officials who are supposed to represent Canadian voters.

    I joined the Canadian forces giving oath in 1974 to defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. The problem as I see it, is that this is no longer the Canada that I swore to defend. It has morphed into something that is reprehensible and morally repugnant. Please for Canada’s sake and the sake of generations to come, stop this garbage from destroying our country.

    Sincerely, and with utmost respect,

    (Sgt. Ret.) Guy Grant Lefebvre CD

    • Barry Huddlestun

      Thank you for your service. You have a valid point. And there are a lot of other people, marginally employed, injured WCB disposable people. Senior’s and Native people, veteran’s and even people living on army Barack’s who’s lives are being dismissed, as not worthy of opinion. Our freedoms are built on the backbone of our deceased Veteran’s, and by dismissing us the government should also free us from the obligation of transfer payments. I am past my point of making scents because of my obligation to try to make a living. Suffice it to say you are right, your opinion is valid and appreciated. Thank you again Sir your Service is appreciated.

  • Victor J Adams

    Re: the Core Values of AIM = I find that #1 and #14 are in conflict with each other. Either all citizens are equal or they are not and giving special consideration to Indian Treaties creates a 2nd class of citizen. It is one of my major peeves with the Canadian govt that by having the Indian Act, it is by default creating a racist nation! It is my opinion that ALL citizens in a new nation embrace equality before the law with no special status of any identifiable group! That would require negotiating an END to Indian Treaties!

    • Chris Glassford

      As it stands Victor, we will just be leaving things as is. What I mean by that is, current treaties will be respected, but that does not mean they won’t be put on the table later for renegotiation.

      • Victor J Adams

        Treaties are not Rights but the Indian Industry and many in the Canadian govt treat them as such. Rights – real or perceived – are extremely difficult to deal with once granted or taken for granted! Starting off a new nation where equality of citizens is not established from the get-go will be perilous and regretted – sooner than later! Having 2 classes of citizen will cause racial divide and chaos. So, while the new nation waits for renegotiations, has anyone given any thought as to who will be 1st class and who will be 2nd class citizens??

  • MosheAkiva

    I am in. But the question is, how will we do this while the worst of the idiots are in power in Alberta?

  • MosheAkiva

    One more thing. How do I sign up to be a member?

  • yoshii47

    I am sick of transfer payment to these welfare provinces. Just as the provincial governments cut off people too lazy to work to force them to get a job the same thing should be done to the eastern provinces to force them to develop their natural. They don’t want the energy east pipeline but they want our transfer money. Screw ’em

  • Kevin Finley

    In regard to taxation and budgeting

    Why can the government not set their budgets and expenses on a percentage basis as is done in business. They are constantly throwing millions here millions there , is that just to impress us with the big numbers or something.I believe that the budgets should be set on a percentage of the income that a government receives then it would only have to be tweeked a little every year instead of coming out with new and creative ways to drain more money out of our wallets. As an example education gets 12% healthcare gets 11.8% salaries get 6.2 emergency and allocation fund 5% and so on, that way the government does not run deficits and only spends what it gets in.
    We move back to a flat tax across the board and that creates the incentive that if you want more you work harder.As the people and the province improve so would the cash flow.
    This move would also force the boards running those areas to be fiscally responsible, as they cant belly back up to the trough, as i see it right now the boards are not fiscally responsible for the money they receive,every time there is a shortage or the money has been squandered, the finger gets pointed back at the government that they are not giving us enough instead of back to the boards that squandered it in the first place.
    As inflation goes up so would salaries meaning that taxation revenues would increase based on the prosperity of the province. A percentage can be set aside to look after any special issues which would then be debated in a sovereign government ,meaning the individual representatives are acting on behalf of their constituents and not the party, collectively ensuring a more prosperous Alberta.

    • http://Alberta.Independence-movement.org Chris Glassford

      Flat tax is something we are already considering. We just haven’t settled on a number as of yet.

  • BOMBOc

    Economic issues are one thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being dismissive, but the old saying is that numbers are negotiable, but principles are not. I would not consider an Independence movement if it was all about money. What is of greater concern to me is the erosion of democracy that is about to occur under Trudeau Jr, in the form of electoral reform. If Trudeau Jr gets his way (and with a majority government he will) then a ranked ballot will be forced through without a national referendum. Under a three party system, the party at the centre automatically wins every election. This would lead to a perpetual liberal majority. Despite 60-70% of Canadians being against such a system, they seem to be passively accepting this terrible fate in the other 9 provinces.

    So I see this as an issue that would breathe life into Alberta Independence, and would bring me on board as an active member.

    • http://Alberta.Independence-movement.org Chris Glassford

      It’s true. However this is not just about money. It’s about being dictated by a govethat is 3000 miles away that has absolutely no regard for the ideals and people of the west.

  • joc22

    There is a rally in Calgary on the 3rd of November at the MacDougall Center, This is a good time to get out some placards to show the people their is a better way to govern our province

  • Mopey Mipmopmope

    Here we go, as predicted. NDP gets voted in and my provincial income tax is raised. Later, Federal Liberals are voted in and my federal income tax is raised. Now the minimum wage is going up. We all know what that means, groceries and everything under the sun is going to get more expensive. On top of that, any entertainment prices or meals out in a restaurant are going up. Lay offs are coming to every minimum wage industry, so welfare cases will rise. I for one will not be going out as much as I used to (if at all ) and many others in my economic position will be saying the same thing. Sorry, small business, I can’t afford to support your business anymore, but at least you will get a 1% rebate and that will prevent you from closing. Now we are 3 months away from a cash grab carbon tax. My heating costs in Fort McMurray will rise, the cost of my groceries will cost more to be transported to my city. It is starting to look like I may have to go shopping in the USA to get anty sort of savings, So, sorry clothing companies. Not one government party is hearing the pleas of Alberta, and no relief will be on the way. Time to go our own way

  • Debra Woelke

    OK so now hat can we do to stop the nonsense. I have joined the fb pages of rowc the alberta freedom party I have emailed Nutly and mla mp talked to the wildrose party and I am attending the Alberta Wide Rally What else can i do to change this democracy turned dictatorship and to have voice here in Alberta and also as a Canadian. I believe Albertans are ready to be proactive instead of reactive

    • http://Alberta.Independence-movement.org Chris Glassford

      Unfortunately you are not going to get much steam from the Alberta Freedom Party as they have pretty much fizzled out.
      Search the following groups on Facebook and join us there.

      AIM: Alliance Independence Movement

      This is our federal group

      WIPA (Western Independence Party of Alberta)

  • Jonathon Kettler

    I want to become a member of the party, where is the section that we can buy a membership? Canada was circling the drain when I was a kid! Trudeau Sr. was in power then, and he was just as popular out west back then, as his son is now! The absolute arrogance of that family is staggering! The entitled elite, are the same people who want to destroy the middle class and turn the poverty stricken people into slaves, by keeping them poor and powerless. NO MORE, NO MORE WILL I STAND BY AND WATCH AS THEY TURN OUR PROVINCE INTO A BLACK HOLE WITH NO POWER AND NO MONEY AND NO ECONOMY! NO MORE WILL I ACCEPT THE STATUTES AND LAWS THAT WILL STOP US FROM ACCESSING OUR OWN NATURAL RESOURCES!

  • Rob Allan

    Hello everyone I am elated to hear of an alternative to the regular Ottowa options. I would like to be a part of this movement and provide suggestions for improvement.
    Namely 1. Government remuneration tied to economic performance.
    2. All peoples are equal. The xomments by Victor Jay Adams ring true.
    3 health care and education should be public not private enterprise.
    4. Petitions to government should follow American style. If a x # of people sign to an issue it will be required by government to do something regarding that matter .
    I am certain more issues arise and look forward to being a part of a new solution and moving forward

    • Jeff

      Petitions feel very archaic to me. They are often used as distraction or tool to control the conversation while more important issues slide by unnoticed by the people. Sure we have to use them now but maybe a new party, a new option, should be suggesting some new ideas to improve democracy?

      For example: Rather than have people sign a petition and force government to do something how about the idea of on going electronic referendums? Each voter could apply to have their opinions consulted on a regular basis. This would not require petitions or even attendance at meetings, instead the voters opinions could be represented by software, a bot, or User Agent that would be told or learn what a voter would support or not support. Another option used in the past but could be updated would be citizen committees as a built in part of the process.

  • Jeff

    Having just read through this site I too am elated that people are working towards real political options and would like to help. I’ll start with some observations and comments.

    “Our direction, our policies and our platform development are being
    refined to better reflect the attitudes and preferences of our fellow

    I do hope that is the case. When I read this site I can’t help but think it was written by a Right Wing Christian longing for “good ol days”. That is not at all a bad thing if that Christian is willing to put aside his religious and political objectives for the larger cause of a New Republic, or even just a new relationship with Canada. To do that a party should not only try to appeal to as many people as possible but try to represent as many as possible.

    Randomly picking some examples I would point to Core Principle “It is not the purpose of government to run citizens’ lives. Therefore,
    government should be no bigger than required to provide reasonable
    safety, core services, infrastructure and secure borders.” It does not logically follow that a government not running citizens lives should be small. Core services would include regulation of industry and business, social services, and healthcare. Those alone could result in a very large government in a society of free citizens. Myself I have no opinion on the size of the government other than it be open, transparent and subject to regular reviews to ensure efficient operation.

    When I as a new comer read small government I’m hearing deregulated, laissez-faire, trickle-down, financialized economic philosophy that has undermined capitalism, democracy and the global economy. Old failed discredited ideas from the past are not our way forward, nor are they what people want to hear, or will vote for. Same ol is out (re: Alberta NDP, BREXIT and TRUMP). I understand that communism and capitalism only failed because they “weren’t done right” but that doesn’t matter. They failed, we need and want something new and sticking to old dogma is not new. This is what is being communicated with core principle “Citizens have the right to own and enjoy private property free from unnecessary interference and regulation from government.” That may be true but to make it a core principle is old dogma and shows yet more support for deregulation. People remember 2008 and are feeling the effects of decades of poor regulation and deregulation.

    “Families are the foundation of a healthy and free society. Government is not family.” Again sounds like old dogma and put like that it sounds a lot like a fundamentalists interpretation of family. People do not live in those families. Our economy does not allow a single wage earner, and IMO in a free society the government should not have an opinion on family, what is or who is or what it is doing. Why is that a Core Principle? A party based on freedoms would have no opinion on that, or genders, or who is entering into adult relationalship contracts with who, or is that “relationship” and “whom”? Any way I think you see what I mean, why even mention such things?

    “Alberta’s western heritage should be preserved and celebrated.” Sounds great but also sounds like some will be excluded. Why say anything, other than maybe all heritage’s are welcome including new and those that have made this land so open and welcoming. Even then I would say that a government should not have an opinion on my heritage as long as it accepts the fundamental freedoms including that of free speech, the equality of women and so on.

    Platforms are different, though they should not be incompatible with principles. Personally I would not have a platform until there is an election and then it should be revealed as decided by the campaign but people like to see something so a few is needed, I suppose. “Government should not and will not be in the business of competing with private enterprise.” That sounds like dogma from the 1980’s, and failed dogma it is. Again the deregulated, laissez-faire, trickle-down, financialized economic philosophy that suggests government should get out of the way has failed so horribly that any acceptance of those ideas, or suggestion that they would work if “done right” is a vote killer. People do not want to repeat past mistakes, even less when they are still feeling the pain from those mistakes.

    The world is changing. The party that offers to lead the way will get the most support. That party will not be looking back trying to resurrect failed policies, they will be looking forward with a new vision. One based on those past lessons not repeating them. Pragmatism has always been key to successful change.

    People are unsettled, concerned, worried. The media feeds them fear, tells them their job is going to be taken over by (insert cause), that there will be no support, that society is going to leave them to starve in the ditch of life. Having a policy of “Let them Eat Cake” in an age of No Cake is, some might argue, heartless and dogmatic. Even the idea that government isn’t family suggests they will be abandoned.

    We are entering an age of no cake, people are starting to feel it in many ways, for some there is no cake right now. Sure those with little more than high school or a trade who worked through the gravy years of the 60′ and 70’s, contributing little into programs while getting lots in return, see little need for government but those entering the workforce today are being told technology is going to be more disruptive than ever before. They do not think government should just be standing by while they struggle to pay for ongoing education that may or may not be needed by the workplace. Those who lost their investments due to 2008, their savings to intermittent work or health problems, or never really ever got their feet under them are not going to vote for the party that says there should be no government assistance, that government isn’t family. Heck I don’t think I would vote for them even if they wanted to change our relationship with Confederation.

    I think we are entering into an era where government is going to have to be the main source of income for many maybe most people. With only 2 Canadians having more wealth than 30% of Canadians, and those 30% having to pay a higher total percentage tax, redistribution isn’t failed communism. It is a requirement if equality, fairness and justice are to be core principles.

    Healthcare is another area where equality, fairness and justice requires government funding. People need to know that healthcare, the best we can afford, will be available when they need it. It doesn’t feel like that when there are waiting lists and ER waiting rooms (seriously it’s ER, there should be no waiting). Changes should be made, adding basic dental and prescriptions is excellent but people want more. Funding from Ottawa and it’s restrictions could be rejected. People could be allowed to pay for healthcare but that can be done within a government funded system using credits and other methods. Making it clear that everyone, regardless of income, will receive basic and extended care when needed that we will have continuing care with change will get the most votes.

    Where will the money come from?

    The party already thinks Money raised by taxation belongs to the people. Does it also agree that the resources of the provinces belong to the people? If so that makes Western Canadians some of the wealthiest people on the planet because we have more valuable natural resources per capita than almost any other nation. Funding is not the problem, where our money goes is the problem. This century alone has seen almost a quarter of a trillion dollars sent to Ottawa not returned in services, jobs, programs or support. The majority of the profits from resource industries leave the province thanks to massive foreign ownership and control of our industries.

    The problem isn’t the amount of money available, the problem is the pittance left on the table for Alberta. But, of course, only if a person thinks a provinces resources belong to the people.

    I could continue but I think anyone reading all that can see that I’m totally on board with WIPA, if not all it’s policies. We need a new party, looking forward, with new ideas, appealing to the majority and that could be WIPA. Hope to talk to you later, feel free to email or reply.


  • Bo Cofell

    How can I get involved? I want to be a part of this