WIPA Party Platform

Hereto is presented THE WESTERN INDEPENDENCE PARTY OF ALBERTA governance and policy outline:

The conception and most rudimentary value of The Western Independence Party of Alberta is to achieve secession from Canada. Expressly, eradicate the rules, regulations, restrictions, unbalanced representation and governance formerly adhered to and currently and continually administered by each successive Canadian government.

Further, it should be duly noted the desire for secession is not born from enmity toward current fellow countrymen, to wit from a variety of derivations, one being the undeniable influences of a global economy precipitating in debilitating policies invoked by Ottawa toward the welfare of Alberta and its economy.

Through the decades Alberta has developed a rich resource industry that has required world leading technology to make production viable both economically and with environmental responsibility.

Distant parts of Canada have not followed and surveyed the advancements created by Alberta and today have little comprehension and perception of these advancements. This deficiency of knowledge seeps into federal government policies that curtail and restrain the full potential and sustaining economic future of Alberta and the well being of Albertans.

Additionally as the world economy grew, a vast variety of Canadian goods competed globally across the country making an unattainable task for the federal government to administer to each province fairly for their diverse economies.

Today this enduring dilemma serves more to set Canadian against Canadian and pulls the country further apart from within.

Alberta recognizes these daunting and demoralizing challenges and identifies and staunchly promotes the resolution of secession to the greater prepotency of all current Canadians.

Remaining Canada will retain a strong trading partner with Alberta, but be devoid of the daily adversities that presently encompass the federal government in ongoing, continuous failing attempts to conciliate every citizen.

It is prudent to note that as information becomes more ascertained to the people, or future policies established by current governments adversely affect Alberta, policies and proposals below may alter and transmute.

Equally be it stated, many policies are in their infancy development stage and will require effort and specialized considerations to bring them to a state of stable and ascertained efficacy.

Be it declared that;

  1. The Western Independence Party of Alberta, herein after referred to as WIPA recognizes Alberta as unique both culturally and economically. WIPA will aggressively denounce and stand steadfastly opposed toward any rule, policy, deed or declaration or similar act invoked by Ottawa that is deemed by WIPA to put Alberta at a disadvantage economically or otherwise, and will not under any circumstance whatsoever yield to or suffer unfair bias no matter how it is packaged and presented.
  2. Forthwith WIPA will move to cause to cease all equalization payments from Alberta to Ottawa. Alberta will otherwise maintain a co-operation with Canada and with other Provinces.
  3. To ensure WIPA incontestably represents and instills confidence with the people of Alberta, a first bill enacted will be one of recall legislation. A frangible balance must be fashioned, one that makes recall simple to enact by the people but not simple enough to be abused. Currently a proposal is forward based on a referendum of 55% of popular vote for the enactment within any said riding.
  4. Elections must be a fixed term, currently proposed to transpire every four years.
  5. Each governing party may designate ministers to represent a resource or industry. However the minister appointed must have demonstrated and clear knowledge of the industry they represent. If no such experienced person exists within that elected cabinet, a non-partisan panel consisting of three people with knowledge unique to the portfolio will be constituted to advocate for regulatory matters and efficient governance of that particular industry.
  6. It is not the belief of WIPA that government creates a job for life for any politician. A term period is proposed of two terms for all politicians. An exception is tabled whereby any candidate who receives greater than 50% of the popular vote in their riding be allowed to extend this term as they have clearly demonstrated proficiency and a desire to serve their constituents.
  7. Remuneration for all political members will be revisited and brought into normal expectancies with free market compensation. In consideration for candidates deferring careers, a special allowance will be made for pension plans. (This is still a topic for discussion.) Wage and salary increases for all sitting political members may be negotiated once each year on the anniversary of the election date and will not exceed the cost of living as indexed the previous year.
  8. WIPA holds that governments should only initiate or continue operating programs and services which cannot be biased while being provided by the private sector. The law system, policing, and military are examples. Government should not and will not be in the business of competing with private enterprise.
  9. WIPA believes judges should be elected not appointed.
  10. WIPA believes in a single, all encompassing national policing and legal system that is uniform for all Albertans. Figureheads within these entities should be elected democratically, not appointed.
  11. WIPA holds to the belief crimes against citizens must be acknowledged with appropriate sentences. A review of court sentences for murder, rape, and impaired driving are a sampling of examples believed in need of revisiting. A review of probation requirements and eligibility would be empanelled. It is acknowledged that as this specific policy evolves, additional acts and statutes will be encompassed.
  12. WIPA believes no government should be in the business of maintaining pension monies. The government makes a poor bank. Currently a proposal is being reviewed to have all pensions maintained by a banking or life fund establishment where funds deposited are guaranteed and interest bearing. Monies received into this fund would be reinvested into serving Albertans first.
  13. Foreign interests will not fund, influence nor lobby for any domestic political party or agenda whatsoever.
  14. WIPA does not believe in the implementation or maintaining of multiple tier societies. Every Albertan has the same and equal rights as the next. English will be the single official language. Ergo no group or race will receive special compensation that puts them at an advantage to other Alberta citizens. The party will ensure that all residents of Alberta are treated equally and fairly regardless of culture, race or party affiliation.
  15. WIPA believes that freedom of the press is a right. The media has a fiduciary duty to all Albertans to communicate news in a pertinent and nonpartisan observance, and will at no time inject personal agendas into reporting. State sponsored media is vehemently rejected.
  16. The express fundamental freedoms in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms along with the United States Bill of Rights will be reviewed as written, and then immediately subject to study and debated in a democratic process. Where amendments are warranted they will merged or adopted. WIPA upholds that property rights are a pillar to the continuation of a successful society. Citizens should always be granted the right to protect their person and their property with necessary force in the absence of police, and have the right to access the necessary tools to effect that protection. As such, personal protection carry and conceal laws will be part of the WIPA mandate.
  17. WIPA vehemently holds the opinion education is the base for a successful society to flourish. Every Albertan must be afforded the equal right to education without undue hardship, burden or obstruction. Education from K – 12 will be fully promoted by the government to allow every Albertan the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and contribute back into society. No changes are proposed or deemed necessary for private education. Currently a motion has been put forward to examine university education where a determined level of marks upon successful graduation combined with a determined length of employment in Alberta would forgive all or a portion of post secondary education costs.
  18. Every Albertan has the right to access health services in a timely and efficient manner without undue delay or hardship. A comprehensive healthcare plan will be supported by WIPA. Currently the opinion is basic dental and prescriptions should conjointly be included in the health plan to ensure each Albertan may perform and live at their most efficient, personal level with less stress. No changes are proposed or deemed necessary for private health care facilities.
  19. Every Albertan has the right to a comfortable quality of life. It is not the belief of WIPA seniors should be separated from each other in different retirement homes after a life together. Quality and affordable seniors care and living will aggressively be actively promoted by WIPA to ensure a stress free and enjoyable retirement is afforded our seniors.
  20. Military and front line service members regularly put themselves at personal risk in support of the assistance or betterment of society and they must be recognized. All encompassing services supporting health and quality of life will be provided assiduously.
  21. WIPA adamantly supports the belief a healthy economy maintains a healthy society. To this Alberta must regain its advantage by increasing the attractiveness of investment in Alberta, creating jobs and stimulating the economy by implementing but not necessarily limited to the following; Firstly, lowering the oil royalty percentage to 2% until companies can recoup their initial investment. Secondly, corporate taxes will receive a minimum 2% reduction. Thirdly, repeal the carbon tax. WIPA does not adhere to the tenet of man-made climate change. Fourthly, stimulate and assist the coal industry to full recovery. Fifthly, promote and encourage research, both in technology and medical development through special government incentives. Evidence exists to support the viability of refineries to enhance our resource production and will be stringently reviewed.
  22. Social Assistance is a privilege not a right. Every able bodied person will be vigorously encouraged to contribute to society. Those electing to refrain from job training or work will be expected to serve the government in various menial ways to maintain their claim. Drug testing will be mandatory. WIPA is not without compassion and too realizes there are circumstances in which assistance must be provided. In such instances the recipient will be provided for in a dignified manner.
  23. Citizenship is a privilege to be earned and never granted. A proposal has been tabled that incrementing steps to seven years be allowed for immigrants to attain full citizenship. Due to current events worldwide it is proposed citizenship may be revoked in certain circumstances. These policies are in their infancy and development is underway. Additionally special circumstances will be considered for natural citizens of the current Canada and United States.